Research in manufacturing industry today is about innovation and providing solutions to customer requirement. In providing Research and Development support, the world is passing through a transformation from empiricism to strategy. In the case of Pukhraj Additives LLP, our Owing to well-equipped laboratories and the most advanced control instruments, produces Products of highest standard of quality and consistency. A dedicated R&D center is the focal point of innovation that leads to formation of advanced quality products and we strive to transform our knowledge and experience in Oleochemistry to innovate and formulate newer additives for diverse applications.

Our R&D Department is a place for applied research, analysis, Product synthesis, Process development and validation. New equipments which help in the betterment of process conditions are continuously evaluated and modified to achieve higher consistency in quality, new product development and cost efficiency. The facilities at R&D include synthesis, analytical method development, scale up synthesis on plants & application development support for various industries.